Widower looking for a companion

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Quick Dating a Widower book update: I received the final manuscript back from the proofreader this morning and final cover art back from the graphic deer a few days ago. Assuming that all goes well Dating a Widower should be available within the next two weeks. A subject that came up on the Dating a Widower Facebook group last week was on was that of widowers who wants relationship vs. Some are simply looking for companionship. Widowers who are looking for companionship just want someone to spend time with. When I was dating Jennifer, I never really wanted a relationship with her—just companionship.

All I was concerned about was having someone to talk to and spend time with on occasion because it helped me feel that my life was back to normal. Widowers who are looking for a relationship want more than just a one night stand or someone they can use to gratify the big empty feeling in their heart. When I was dating Marathon Girl, my first concern was for her happiness and well being. Yes, it was nice to spend time with someone and have them at my side. I knew she had concerns about dating me but I was patient with her while she worked through her issues.

More importantly I was willing and able to talk about the relationship I wanted with her. I was always trying to find ways to move the relationship forward to the goal we both shared—marriage. The best way to do that is to take your time before becoming emotionally or physically involved with him However, patience will pay off in the long run because those who just want companionship will eventually run out of patience and reveal their true intentions.

Taking things slow can be a hard thing to do at first—especially if the two of you get along really good right off the bat. I know if Jennifer had pushed back or wanted to take things slow, I doubt our relationship would have become as serious as it did.

One thing to keep in mind is that even if the widower wants a relationship and is ready to make room in his heart for someone else—that person may not be you. It takes more than simply having the same relationships goals to make things work. However, most people can figure those things out on their own.

Widower looking for a companion

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