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Written By: The Planet D. Updated On: September 6, We all know that travel quotes can be powerful. From inspirational travel quotes to motivational quotes about traveling we find that other people often say the words better than we can so we put together these inspiring words of wisdom with our favorite photos. Whether you enjoy short quotes or the longer ones you are going to enjoy these motivational quotes about traveling.

Do you enjoy travel quotes? Check out our best Adventure Quotes to motivate you to get out of the house. Feel free to pin, download, and print them off to put up around your house for inspiration! This is definitely one of the best travel quotes of all time, but it certainly re true.

When you travel, the whole world opens up. Travel has helped us to understand the meaning of life and it has helped us become better people. Each time we travel, we see the world with new eyes. Throughout our lives, people have thought that because we keep traveling and searching for new things to do, we are not focused. They have often thought we were flaky or unfocused. But travel helped us find our purpose and put focus into our lives. The more we got lost in our travels, the richer our lives became.

If Helen Keller can look at life as a great adventure, what excuse do the rest of us have? Take a chance and live life to the fullest. When we are at our most daring is when we feel the most fulfillment. We need to give back to this world. People often feel they can take home a trophy, or sneak a piece of stone from a historic site or take something from nature. Traveling quotes often mention the fact of how travel makes you humble and how life experiences are more important than accumulating things.

As a travel couple, this is one of those travel quotes that is close to our hearts. Before we started traveling in , I only dreamed of writing for a living. But after our travels, I was so moved by many of our experiences I started writing stories to my friends and family. Travel inspired me to become a storyteller. No best travel quotes list would be complete without adventure quotes.

Travel is an adventure and they go hand in hand. Of all the travel quotes in this list, I really feel that it rings true to life. Even if you are not traveling, you need to step out of your comfort zone. Be it taking on a new project, opening a business, or enrolling in a course. When you do something that scares you a little, you can do something great. When looking for quotes on adventure travel, this one really stuck out by Maya Angelou. Life itself has a lot of potholes. Whether you are traveling or at home working at your job, you should definitely enjoy the journey.

Are you wanting to travel the world but afraid to take the next step? The travel quote above says it all. This is one of my favorite travel quotes on adventure travel. Well to me this quote means you have to leave your burdens, your stress, and your preconceived notions behind. To understand travel, you must be open to new possibilities and it will change your life. Everyone is traveling to show off and brag or catch a selfie rather than to have an experience.

But it is also important to take time to smell the roses and let go of work when you are not in the office. I love funny travel quotes. Sometimes when we get stressed our or frustrated with travel, we need to sit back and laugh about the little things. We all have worries every day and more than ever the state of the world is in question. Its the funniest of travel quotes. We have always given the advice that if you want to test to see if you are compatible in your relationship, go and travel together for a while.

Mark Twain could not be more correct. So put these travel quotes to the test and travel with someone right now! When traveling, things are often out of our control and we have found that it is better to relax and let go. And that is true for our marriage as well. This is a rather funny travel quote by Anthony Bourdain, but it is also very true. Some of our best travel experiences have been when having a few drinks with the locals. So when we are out late at night, we look to these types of travel quotes for justification. For those of you who are afraid to fly, I am afraid that you are not going to find the humour in this travel quote, but I find it quite cheeky.

So, we put it in our best travel quotes list, because everyone can relate! It seems that the more I travel, the worse jet lag gets. I love this travel quote so much because it is very true. When we come home from our travels, we always forget the tough times and difficult experiences. We only remember the beautiful things about our travels and the bad stuff fades away.

If you are looking for travel quotes that capture the feeling of travel, this is it! Inspirational travel quotes can be life-changing. Words have meaning and can change mindsets. When Dave and I first started our careers in travel, we kept one toe in our careers and one toe in travel. I am going to update this quote though and say Woman and Man Cannot discover new oceans….

We all make mistakes in life and travel. Travel quotes can be relatable in life as well. And it really is the mishaps and adventures you have along the road of life and travel that make for everlasting memories. But travel brings riches in life with experiences, learning, and making new friends.

Quotes about traveling often have a message of being free from possessions and things, and instead of having life experiences instead. It think this travel quote says it the best. When we saw the Taj Mahal for the first time, we had heard about it many times. We had read about it and people had told us all about it. You can travel to a hundred places checking off the bucket list. But to see with new eyes and to be open to new possibilities? That is the true meaning of travel.

We have found that travel gives us the courage to try new things. When we are home in our routine, we become comfortable. But when we travel, we are inspired by others and inspired by the destination. Before we started traveling full time we felt trapped. When we started putting our minds to living a life of travel, we felt the barriers break and soon we were living our dream. This quote is very close to our hearts. Travel brings people together. It helps people understand other cultures and religions. What we think we know about other places is thrown out the window, once we land on their soil.

Dave and I have been gathering quotes about travel for 20 years. For life and travel, we all must follow our path without making excuses and we should never live with regrets. Many people think traveling quotes are all about people escaping and dreaming. But to us, this quote captures exactly the essence of travel. We never traveled to escape life, we always traveled to find ourselves. Perhaps people tell you not to go to a place because they think it is is awful when it is really beautiful.

Or perhaps someone constantly tells you how wonderful a destination is. Go and see for yourself and make up your own mind. One of my favorite quotes about wanderlust. One of the things Dave and I are most thankful for is the fact that we never stopped dreaming. Never stop dreaming. I love it when I take a trip and clearly do not have a plan. That is when the real adventures have happened in our travels. Whenever we meet someone that is starting to travel or is thinking of traveling, we always think of this quote. How will travel change you and how will you change the world? Why does this travel quote resonate so much with us?

Before we traveled, we felt that we never truly lived. The more we worked, the more exhausted and disconnected we felt. When we introduced travel into our lives, we felt alive again. To us, memories mean more than things. When we are out with friends, we have so much to talk about. Mark Twain is one of the greats when it comes to creating famous quotes about travel. We have always tried to live a life less ordinary and think outside the box. I do believe this has helped us have success in our business and our relationship. Many people are quick to attack others through social media and everyone has an opinion.

Travel often opens our eyes to different ways of thinking and understanding the world.

Want someone to go places with

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