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These are the kind of questions that the Commission could look further at. The former Surrey Christian School teacher, Stephanie Vande Kraats, had worked as an English teacher and librarian for 13 years before she decided to re. Photo: Google Maps. It was the fall of , it was meetings and it was excruciating. It was typically me in a room full of male administrators talking about whether I had broken the community standards.

She said Superintendent Dave Loewen had invited her to stay until the end of the year, but she chose to re mid-year during the questioning. For myself, I had immigrated to Canada and this was my entire community. It was difficult to leave. These schools have people under a barrel. I would also say I imagine this affects women quite a bit more than men, only because women are the only ones who can show physical evidence in instances of sex outside of marriage.

Vande Kraats said she took her complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal but was informed the law was not in her favour and she is now calling for legislation to be reviewed. The Ministry of Education says B. Superintendent Loewen told the Now-Leader that Vande Kraats reed, and was not terminated or fired. He said conversations began after she started to speak about her new living arrangement and relationship in the school community and in Facebook posts.

Another example would be the local gurdwaras being allowed to hire a priest who believes and adheres to the tenets of Sikhism. It strengthens their voice in society. Surrey Christian School also gets funding and that strengthens our voice in civil society. Indigenous language programs also get funding, which of course strengthens their voice. Loewen also noted religious schools in B. Most Read Kelowna restaurant vandalized after 3 customers denied entry. Anger, abuse and racism: Restaurant workers struggle to enforce vaccine mandates.

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Summerland chat with married woman for sex

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