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We managed to find three discs, the QuickTime 1. My client was primarily interested in the software while I found a search through the bundled materials the most rewarding. The first video, DogCow , was included on the QuickTime 1. This is a bizarre clip clearly targeted to Apple insiders. Moof , the beloved Apple DogCow from the print dialog boxes, underwent some changes between Systems 6 and 7.

The QuickTime team apparently had strong feelings about the event. Either that or they ate too many magic mushrooms…. The second clip is a QuickTime 1. This tongue-in-cheek video was included on the QuickTime 1. Finally, Klone Killers is short clip also on the QuickTime 1.

Apple was considering licensing the Mac OS to clone manufacturers by this time, and the QuickTime team had a rather Space Invaders take on the notion. Apparently Steve Jobs felt the same way. Could you possible help me? I want to figure out if the internal keyboard of the PowerBook uses the standard interface for the matrix…. Thanks ahead of time you rock! Hello are these quicktime movies available in their original format. Hi Adam! I have another early QuickTime video that may be of interest to you.

Stern and Robert A. Hope you enjoy. Thanks Jon. I am looking for an early QuickTime movie that depicted an object fall from the skies and slowly become the center of what looks like a religious veneration. The best I can recall it was about two minutes long.

I cannot recall its name. Any idea where I could find those? Vintage Mac Museum Blog. I've been using Macs for over three decades and counting! Forgotten QuickTime Demo Videos. Corbin says:. November 26, at PM. Adam Rosen says:. Ari Sillanpaa says:. December 28, at AM. Jon Kleinow says:. May 19, at AM. May 21, at PM. Bill says:.

March 27, at PM. David Reid says:. January 14, at PM.

Some quick time love

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