Searching for a lonely love

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The good thing is, there are ways around that icky feeling, and the solutions are easy, rewarding, and fun. Own it! Strike up a conversation with someone who catches your eye and see where it goes. I know. Everyone thinks they have the perfect person for you. A secret? Say yes anyway.

Your friends know you well, and — newsflash — your friend group may not be the only one your friends are part of. They have the potential to set you up with someone else they know with whom you could be really compatible. Take their suggestions seriously and give them a chance. Being grabbed by some rando at the club and grinded up against is not being asked to dance. Being asked to dance, however, is a whole different story. They may not even be romantically interested! They might just want to dance! Say yes. Get out of your comfort zone, because nothing truly amazing ever happens there.

Who knows? Your dance partner might turn into something more. Plan a movie night, or hit up a cool new museum together! Make it a friends-only type of activity, no SOs allowed. Call it quality time. Utilize that resource when you're feeling lonely. Trust me, your mom is dying to give you advice, especially about dating. Take what they tell you with a grain of salt, but spend time with them anyway.

If being around your family makes you feel worse, then maybe skip this step. Sleep in your childhood bed. Let your dad make you breakfast. Play with your dog. By Veronica Lopez. Swipe On Dating Apps. Search Close.

Searching for a lonely love

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