Needs a shower partner

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Showering together may seem like a great idea to couples, especially for those who are looking forward to spice up their sex life. However, though it sounds fun, taking a shower together with your loved one is not really a great idea. If you are looking for ideas to spruce up your intimacy with your partner, we have several other ideas. You can try new sex positions, you could try having sex at new places and so on. However do not shower together and here are 5 reasons why we think couples should not. One great reason why you should never shower is because you will be giving up on your me time.

There is no better time than shower time to do some deep thinking. You will be giving up on this, think about it. While the whole idea of showering together is to have some fun together, have you thought that the water stream will never be big enough. One of you will be standing under the shower , while the other will have to stand away feeling the cold. Not cool! When in a shower with your partner, he is obviously going to want to wash you up.

Why do you want to take bath twice? Wet floors are pretty dangerous. And if you are planning to have sex or just lift your partner up, you might want to be careful else you will end up falling down and breaking a bone or two. And with this all the fun will just go. This is another legit reason why you should never shower together with your partner. Both of you will have different water temperatures. While one of you will prefer hot water, the other might want cold.

Also, what you think is warm might be considered as boiling hot by your partner. This will ruin your shower experience. These are the 5 reasons why showering with your love is after all not really a good idea. There can be an injury, less fun and lack of privacy. Found this story interesting? Like our Facebook to such articles.

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Needs a shower partner

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