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Award winning comedy writers Joel Morris and Jason Hazeley sit down to talk about the comedy loved by people who work in comedy. Brian and Roger met at a divorced men's support group. Only one of them is very nice. A story of horrible friendship told in voic messages.

The Telegraph. Hosted by John Rain, Smersh Pod is the celebrated James Bond podcast for those who love, hate, or just aren't arsed by the films. Smershpod is the best, and funniest action film podcast around, inspiring the best-selling spin-off Thunderbook.

Miranda Sawyer, Observ er. Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Jayde Adams and Dave Cribb take their acclaimed hit stage show - where top comedians perform songs from musicals - and drag it indoors, in front of microphones, and then pour the into your ears. Jazz hands, everyone, big, big energy All of television history is contained within the Box of Delights. TV journalist Julia Raeside invites guests to pick a favourite television moment to share in delightful, addictive nuggets of pure nostalgia.

Times 'Podcast of the Week'. Angelos Epithemiou and Barry from Watford are back in their all-new podcast — and awful news, they're almost exactly the same as before. The celebrated and beloved podcast that takes one random episode of Top Of The Pops - the greatest TV Pop show ever - and breaks it down to its very last compound. Hosted by Al Needham, it's an unflinching gaze into the open wound of pop culture! An all-ages podcast where Andy Stanton author of the Mr Gum books and Carrie Quinlan of Radio 4 answer questions set to them by children. Very badly. Picked as one of the.

Tom Price takes a deep dive though the Amazon histories of his comedian guests. What did they buy and what the hell were they thinking? In a world dominated by social media, how does it feel to be on the sharp end? Tracy Ann Oberman's famous guests will tell you. A vain actor struggles to get help or sympathy from his agent's assistant's assistant as his career goes increasingly in a direction he never anticipated.

Wonderfully funny, pitched perfectly, produced with a light touch. The Observer. Actor, singer, welder got to have a backup Anna Mann talks frankly to those brave, brave, fearless, brave creatures, the actors, about their process and above all their bravery. The hit comic character from Colin Hoult has all the savage, hysterical energy of Dame Edna or Mrs Merton at their best. Jack Beaumont talks to people about their life of crime. It's less about murder and more about falling over a fence while running away because you've set fire to a phone box.

This redefines the true crime podcast. Bestselling author Beth Morrey talks to funny women about their experiences of childbirth. Hilarious no-holds-barred stories of the magical process of pushing a baby out your bits. Just breathe. Grab a coffee in a massive china cup, settle down in your huge loft apartment and let Dave Cribb and Pete Allison guide you through the greatest sitcom of the s. Forget those episode by episode dissections of Game of Thrones. In Always There, TV journalist Julia Raeside chooses to navigate through every episode of the s seafaring soap opera Howards' Way, in order, with a special guest ing her each time.

Comedy writer Sarah Morgan invites her favourite funny guests to bring in and unpack three things that give 'em the fear - a scary scene from film or TV, hood terror, and a fear or phobia they live with now. John Rain, Eleanor Morton and David Reed introduce the world's most perplexing mysteries - and then solve them once and for all. With our colleagues at Rubber Chicken, we executive produced a of episodes of the smash hit TV show spinoff and perennial podcast chart topper for ITV. Award-winning writer Alex Lynch, interviews some of the top writers and performers from the world of sketch and character comedy about how and why they found themselves in this fascinating branch of comedy.

Having topped the Apple Podcast Sports chart, it's a hit with both grapple fans and non-fans alike. From multiple award winning comedians Nina Conti and Shenoah Allen, the hilarious Richard and Greta will help you get the most — or even too much — out of your partner. As our lives become ever more stressful, noisy and confusing, Prem Rawat explores the essentials of leading a happy life, with insight, wit and wisdom.

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Need a great big one

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