Meridian cheating wife

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Register here. You commit yourself, your life, your time, your energy, and your heart to someone, and they betray all of it. How could they do this? Of course, what they did was wrong. But does your spouse legitimately care about you? How did this happen? In an article for Psychology Today , Robert Weiss explains that even persons who love their spouses may cheat because of self-exploration trying to figure out who they are , the seductive nature of transgression, succumbing to the allure of lives not lived, or the pull of new or forbidden emotions.

Perhaps they felt trapped in their life and were looking to see if the grass is greener on the other side it never is. Or perhaps they were drawn in by the challenge or vanity of someone else falling for them. Of course, we know where the true source of these thoughts and feelings come from. Your husband allowed himself to be deceived and blinded. We all do, to some extent or another.

Again, this is difficult to know without meeting with you. Some couples are happily-married and one partner still strays. I listed four reasons above why someone in a happy marriage might choose to cheat. Oftentimes, though, a marriage passes step-by-step through growing apart before either realizes how serious the distance has become. If you and your spouse can identify how exactly you got here, if you can trace it step-by-step, you can learn where and how to intervene so that an affair never happens again.

I can help with that, as can others. Do they own it, or does they try to minimize, justify, excuse, rationalize, or shift blame on to you? Are they facing the consequences of their actions? Are they humble, transparent, and honest, willing to answer your questions? Is the affair over? Completely over, with no unnecessary contact? Whether you cheated or were cheated on, your marriage can heal. You can heal. Christ is that powerful. But we have to walk the specific path to healing.

God bless you. Jonathan Decker is a d marriage and family therapist and clinical director of Your Family Expert. He offers online relationship courses to people anywhere, as well as face-to-face and online therapy to persons in several states. He is married with five children. Contact him here and his Facebook group for daily Gospel-based relationship tips. No Comments Post or read comments. Can You Influence Others? Most Read Yesterday's Articles.

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Meridian cheating wife

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