Looking for submissive man only

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I'm a dominant woman in my mids. Since accepting this part of myself, I've had zero problems finding people that want to hook up with me not that I've ever done this but man, has my dating inbox exploded since I added the "not vanilla, D not s" thing at the end of it a few weeks ago but meeting someone for an actual relationship who is ALSO submissive has proven incredibly tricky. I'm clear I'm only looking for long-term on dating profiles. Some men are vanilla or just not submissive at all and it obviously isn't going to work.

I've avoided FetLife because I'm totally uninterested in sex without commitment. I'm in a major city so there's that going for me, any other ideas or suggestions for how to find the needle in a haystack? Edit: Miss me with these PMs from people who clearly haven't read this post. I am not looking to hookup or "online dominate" anybody, I'm looking for an actual relationship. You're a subpar sub if you can't even be bothered to read what your potential Domme is looking for to make sure there's a match.

I put the "not vanilla" thing under the "most private thing I'm willing to admit" section. I am afraid of saying too much outside the "questions" section on my main profile because I've seen family on the same site. If someone wanted to know what I was into sexually I have a bunch of the sex questions answered on my profile too.

I wonder if there's a more polite way to put it, I'm not a harsh Domme at all. I wish you luck in your search! If you ever want to chat more about it, my DMs are open! So I don't know how to get around that without saying it. I'm in a similar boat. Subs who want a real commitment to a Domme are scarce as hen's teeth. Best of luck to you. I have only had the line in my profile a couple weeks, we'll see what happens Trying out some of the suggestions here, maybe you should too and we can both report back to each other?

Most people will reasonably assume heavy involvement in the BDSM community and be intimidated, and the rest will be people from that community which, in my admittedly limited experience with it, tends to be the opposite of what we're looking for to the same degree as a regular relationship. Instead, I would put a brief description of your romantic needs and intentions right at the top of your profile, in plain, non-kink-related language. The heavy kinksters will leave you alone for being too vanilla, the normies will ignore you for being too dominant, and your target demographic will be drawn in like a moth to a flame.

Fingers crossed for you! I did something similar and it worked pretty well c: I'm a sub and happily in a relationship! I'm a bit leery of posting the bio here, though, since it would be easy to ID me if it were cross-referenced with my post history. I totally understand being wary about posting publicly. I had to avoid this thread for a bit when it wasn't appropriate to have on-screen, haha. I'd love to see an example if you're willing to share via pm! Hope I could help!! Honestly, if the right groups are there for your area fetlife can be decent for finding genuine people as well, I know a fair of local groups for my area not super huge that are specifically for non-casual personals.

Thank you, I'll give it a shot. I'm very paranoid about putting face pictures on FetLife though. Are they the norm, or are they traded privately? I don't know how any of it works. Contemplating that and then changing your language to represent that might be a strong advertising strategy.

If I can put the question to you: what images, aesthetics, etc, do you imagine for the properly submissive Male? I really wouldn't know, but am going to offer some thoughts on the matter, regardless. Posts like this are alarmingly common regardless of role. I mean, I was never able to do vanilla hookups, so just the thought of doing it from a kinky standpoint of any kind gives me anxiety.

And I've really been trying to figure out how this could possibly be remedied. It's a little disheartening to think that even a service dedicated exclusively to people looking for a serious relationship kinky or otherwise would be in the same state as everything else almost immediately. People have often told me to "just attend meetups in your area," but that's a literal impossibility. Anyway, sorry for the rant, I promise this isn't an attempted hijack. This topic just happens to be something I've despaired over more than once before.

Best of luck on your quest! When attention is drawn to me in public spaces. Has nothing to do with my bedroom. And no, I don't currently experience panic attacks but I did in the past. At most now my heart races and I get really anxious, it happened the other night on a date which I think you might be referring to. Reddit, for me, is where you ask questions you can't in "real" life and s place for your anonymous insecurities. Even dominant people have insecurities. Found the internet! Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best. Reply Share. Continue this thread. How many can you financially support?

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Looking for submissive man only

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