Looking for confident male

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If I had the confidence, I would wear my style and not be worried about what people said to me or the looks they gave me. I feel like having confidence is an essential part of finding your style. I wore glasses too tiny for my face. I went through a big plaid phase. And for some reason I rocked a parted ponytail.

Like most awkward looking guys, I dreamed of being able to go up my crush hell, anyone really and starting a conversation. I imagined being that badass who just effortlessly walks up to a girl he likes and starts talking to her, not giving a fuck about looking stupid or being rejected. And anyone that possessed that kind of confidence must be a freak of nature — they had to be born with it.

Be confident, go up to her and talk! And you get confident! A comment about the weather here. A small chat about the latest episode of Family Guy there. And doing it again and again. Now the flywheel starts spinning, your confidence starts to build up to the point where it feels effortless. Think about when you first learned to drive a car, how unconfident you were getting behind the wheel that first week. Senior guys at their office. Accomplished athletes. Even a few guys that have founded multi-million dollar companies. Even one co-founder of a multi-billion dollar company!

I may be biased here, but improving your looks losing weight, improving your style, or both! As I read drawing books, practiced, and took classes, I got better and better, and thus more confident in my drawing abilities. Now I sometimes do Livestream drawing sessions for fun. I just have to take a tiny step. And the best way to start small is to begin with your end goal, then work your way backward, step by step. Work our way back to a point where we would be comfortable starting at. Action step: Write down your end goal, then work your way backwards, step-by-step.

Break it down as much as you can, make each step easier and easier. Now next time you load up the game, you can breeze through to later stages, just like you did the first few. Think of each step as a video game level. The closer you are towards the final goal, you can expect it to get a bit more challenging. Driving across town is more challenging than driving around your block. Driving across the state is more challenging than driving across town. The paradox is, the more you take action at each level, the more experience and confidence you build, the easier it is to move to further.

Analyze what went wrong and make adjustments for the next attempt. Other times you might find roadblocks that come out of nowhere, like criticism or unwanted feedback. These can come from of strangers, friends, even loved ones like your wife or family members. One of my business mentors, Ramit Sethi , has a great saying:. I recently hired a trainer to get in shape for my wedding. You look fine! Have a drink! Are they someone that you would want to dress and look like?

The Fast Pass let us skip to the front of the line of rides, saving us from waiting sometimes HOURS in the sun for the more popular coasters. It was so good we actually blasted through the rides too fast, we ended up riding our favorites a multiple times.

While most people look to squeeze out as much of a discount as they could, I looked for opportunities that saved me huge chunks of time, stress, and frustration. Like the two times I went to Coachella, paying for the VIP pass, which had a fenced off area void of annoying college kids along with their own food stalls and luxe bathrooms with no line. Working with John got me in better shape in 10 weeks than I got in the 14 months trying to do it myself. Working with John was just like cutting the line at Cedar Point, except instead of feeling nauseous at the end, I have a nicer jawline and 2 out of 6 abs poking through.

They were confident whatever they threw on from their new wardrobe would just work and look good. Action Step: Think about your goal. Are there any experts in helping people achieving that goal you can learn from? Think about their courses, books, blog posts, podcast. From the Editor. It was really hard to enjoy having My "Gifts to get yourself" guide has been a holiday season tradition since I launched The Essential Man.

I've always found traditional gift guide posts useless. Not because of bad recommendations, but because I always just end up getting something for myself. I never thought I would see Wall St. Still on the By: Peter Nguyen. Last Updated: May 25, Photo by Kris Atomic. I swear I know how to tie a bow tie. You also might like these posts….

Looking for confident male

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The Secret to Being a More Confident Man