Lookin for a battle buddy

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If you look at our business sponsors on our website you will notice that we have a new sponsor. We are looking forward to gaining more vehicles and having them wrap them for us as well. If you have a vehicle that you can donate or sponsor us with we would greatly appreciate it. If you know of a business that is willing to buy us a vehicle please let them know that their business name will be on the vehicle once it is wrapped and all safety equipment is installed. Please consider our organization for a monthly donation, your monthly donation will help us continue our mission and allow us to help more veterans and their families when they need us most.

You may mail a check made out to Battle Buddy Response Team to Aviation Way suite , Martinsburg, WV or stop by the office to drop the check or gift cards off. We have a drop box right outside our office door if we are not in. You may also donate online through our website. If you see our newly wrapped truck feel free to beep at us and wave or take photos. The truck looks amazing and we are excited to have many more that look like this. Our hearts go out those families that lost their loved ones in Afghanistan this past week. As Combat Veterans, we know that losing a sister or brother in combat is something we never ever want to experience.

For the Gold Star families, our organization is here to support you. With just a phone call, we will be there. To all our service members that just came home, please know we are always available. For those Combat Veterans who have extra time on your hands, please feel welcome to us here at Battle Buddy Response Team, as we are always accepting volunteers! This veteran served 28 years in the United States Navy proudly. His roof is almost gone, there is black mold everywhere, the siding is coming off, the interior drywall needs replaced.

All help is appreciated and if you follow us on our social media s you will see the damage in the video taken. If you are a contractor or a suppler of building materials and would want to help with this project then please us at info battlebuddyresponseteam. This veteran deserves to live in a home that does not look like this so lets make that happen for him! We will have face painting, food, drinks, merchandise, music, cornhole, pool table, raffles, tip jars, WDVM the local news will be covering the event, and much more.

We hope to see you all September 11th! While at the event we want you to find a BBRT volunteer and ask them how are we making a difference, how are we doing the impossible, and the answer for some will be because you donated to our organization to make it possible or that your business sponsors us every month or year. Our organization runs off of donations and sponsorships, we have no paid staff, we need funding to travel and see veterans in person when needed.

We want you to ask us questions and if you are concerned about a veteran that day then please let us know so we can get out there to check in on them for you. Veterans always talk to Veterans, so if you feel your combat veteran will not speak to us just know we only send war and combat veterans out over the road and us combat and war veterans have our own way of communicating among each other because we share something that no one else does if they have not been down range.

We serve all veterans regardless if they have deployed or not. us at this event. All ages are welcome to attend. We will have lots of giveaways at this event so do not miss it. We have only have three tickets left to give away to anyone that would want them. We would prefer to give them to veterans or their family but with the short amount of time left, we are willing to make sure they get into the hands of someone that would go and could possibly take someone else.

Rock will be there attending the event and possibly others from Battle Buddy Response Team, please come out and us in this first time ever event. We are excited to be offered these tickets to use and will have more tickets for places in the future but next week we need to find three more people to meet us at the front gate of the Brickyard in Indianapolis speedway we will meet at pm right before the event starts at 1pm.

Please call BBRT or us at info battlebuddyresponseteam. Here at B attle Buddy Response Team, we have a lot of changes coming our way to make our organization a lot smoother. Well we will be shorting up the Concerned Party Form to one , so all you or anyone will have to do is fill out the form to the best of your ability.

Most important part of the form for us to have is the location of the veteran or their family you are worried about. After the Concerned Party Form is filled out and submitted on our website, then we will check our donations that we have received to see if we can cover the cost of the trip for you. If we do not have enough donations to cover the trip to and from the place you need us to go, then we will call you before going to the address given so you can make the full donation needed to help the person you are concerned about. We will also let you know roughly once we have the donations needed how long it may take us to get to the address provided.

We will also now start accepting callers when they are needing advice to help a veteran or if they need help maneuvering our website to make a donation or fill out a Concerned Party Form. Remember all the information collected on the Concerned Party Forms are confidential to the veteran and their family and anyone asking who may have sent us out.

We ask that you also keep your information private from the party you are worried about. Who wants a random BBRT shirt time to time in the mail?? If you do not want your shirt, then you may choose to have us donate the shirt to a homeless veteran living on the streets that we may come in contact with. Our goal is to get veterans that feel they have no place to work in civilian life to find their home with us here at Battle Buddy Response Team. Our team is made up of veterans, active duty members, and family of military. We want to get to the point we can start hiring as soon as possible, our volunteers are in very demanding positions and it is hard for them to work a regular job then have to be able to make extra time in life for their volunteer job here at BBRT.

FYI: We no longer have 24 hour answering services, due to the cost and volume of calls we are receiving but we are saving those cost and asking volunteers to answer our phones to help out the callers to either give people advice or maneuver the website fill out the Concerned Party Form or to make a donation. If you would like to answer our phone lines as a volunteer and you are good working under pressure, meaning stay cool, calm, and collective during someone on the other line having a breakdown then please fill out our application on the website as soon as possible.

Then, please us at info battlebuddyresponseteam. Do not forget that we are veterans helping veterans and we travel where ever needed to make the house call regardless of the situation or the area. Just remember that veterans rather talk to other veterans about what is going on with them.

Please do not get offended if the veteran does not talk to you regardless if you are family or a best friend. If you know they are hurting and you do not know who to call then call us and we will be there! Samuel Rock.

Which ways are we making our organization better you might ask? Make an Impact Battle Buddy Response team works non-stop to ensure the safety of every veteran and their direct family members. Volunteer Today. Our Services.

Lookin for a battle buddy

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