Just got dumped and lonely

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Also, I would be lying if I say ours was a perfect relationship. Whose is? Indeed, there were some rough patches and misunderstanding that had built up in our relationship with time, but a breakup? Never crossed my mind…. Followed with a brief moment of clattered silence, we put down our hopes, and of course the phone, and called it a day. The next morning there was no call to wake me up or any good morning texts to brighten up my day, the phone laid lifeless on the bedside table.

Nothing felt good about that morning. A journey which I have to walk alone without her by my side…I felt lonely. With each past memory hitting my heart, I found myself more entangled in loneliness. My family and friends were there for me, stood by me and tried their level best to cheer me up. Hopeless days followed by sleepless nights, but thoughts of her and the past relationship refused to leave my mind. Even tried to contact her, to reconcile with her, tried convincing her that we might be making a mistake, yet nothing worked.

And, I finally gave up to the loneliness and silently witnessed it taking over my life and daily productivity. Now I surely know how to overpass them and face them. I am pretty sure you can too, once you know how to. So, what changed? What did I do to overcome loneliness after a breakup? What tips did I implement to negate its effects?

What motivated me to turn my situations for good? What forced me to look at the brighter side? Then what it is? Relax, you are about to figure that out as you continue reading. My intention is to remind you of certain things that you may have forgotten but still lies in you. Mostly when we are in love; or misinterpret to be, our wit often takes the back seat by letting our emotions to steer. Love towards some person starts to bloom which grows gradually with time. Everything appears great, a deep sense of contentment is felt, and a belief is born, i.

However, we fail to realize it, as our emotions blindfold us by keeping us busy in enduring pleasures of a relationship. So, what went wrong here? The moment we become emotional-dependent on others for the fulfillment of both our emotional and physical needs, we involuntarily start to cut ourselves off from other people and society. Instead of accepting them as a part of life, we crown them as life itself. Emotional overdependence is the biggest reason people suffer loneliness after a breakup. When relationship sails smoothly they seclude themselves from everything and want nothing else but their partner and relationship.

And, when that partner makes an exit from their life, loneliness comes to haunt them. Your friends, family, work, hobbies are still here. Treat your heartbreak as an experience, something you can learn from and get past with time. Loneliness might hit you unconsciously, but for you to survive it, a conscious decision of dealing it with bravery should be taken. Do not let your emotions run wild, take control of them, let them rest for a while, and then let your awareness take charge from now on.

This is merely an end of a chapter, so many more are yet to explore. After my first breakup, I chose to stay silent by not expressing all the pain I was going through. I continued with my normal life, a regular routine, but rarely let anyone know of the intense pain and inner conflicts I was struggling with. And rather than improving my situation for better, it turned worst. Then came a time where I got clueless about what I should do to ease my pain and ended up being angrier and anxious than before; which affected other areas of my life too particularly my studies, my friendships, and mental peace.

And the best way to keep yourself safe from these inner conflicts and struggles is to be a little expressive. Be completely real about your situation. Or, if in case you are an introvert and find hard to share your thoughts and emotions, just take a pen and paper and write down anything that comes to your mind. Writing is one of the most effective ways to express any kind of emotion. The more you express your pain, the lesser it will affect you. There might be chances that your friends or any family member had suffered the same heart-wrenching experience and have some valuable advice to give you to overcome it.

The point is to be expressive rather than wearing your breakup as a badge of strength, nobody is honoring you with any medal or something for conquering it alone. In order to overcome this phase of loneliness, you need to go soft on yourself by freeing yourself from the past. Just accept the situation and move forward.

Unless you make peace with your past, it will keep stealing peace from your present. Go out, meet new people, get closer to them, let them come closer, and just live. In short. Sometimes what appears as our enemy, turns out to be your best ally. Likewise, the situation you want to get rid of might turn into the only way towards peace of mind.

Rather than allowing loneliness to take your life by storm, use that storm to direct your next sail. Use this time to enjoy the things and activities you always wanted to. Be it learning some new skills, reading some new books, practicing mindfulness, or even enjoying your favorite activities, welcome everything with an open mind and fully indulge in them. Believe me when I say; in order to fix your outer world, there is a lot to be fixed in your inner world. Stay at peace with everything. Resist calling your ex, stalking them, texting on social media, or even posting and sharing dull emotional posts on your social media.

By doing so, people over-complicate everything. The fact is; nothing stays the same, everything changes. Even the sharpest of the pains dull with time. Your mind is struggling continuously because you are throwing needless worries and stress towards it by making it believe that you still have the power of making decisions.

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Just got dumped and lonely

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Just got dumped and feeling really sad and lonely.