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Normally used to transporting entire ships and oil and gas equipment weighing tens of thousands of tons, a SpaceX drone ship — while still huge — is a featherweight load in comparison. I suspect it will actually occur on June 21st or 22nd. It remains to be seen how long the SpaceX drone ship will have to wait before transiting the canal and beginning the last major leg of its journey to Port of Long Beach, California. In other words, SpaceX could have to wait days for a unique window or — as part of its one-time wide-load transit permit — its transit window may already have been scheduled within a day or two of arrival.

The latter scenario is more likely and could see Mighty Servant 1 reach the Pacific Ocean as early as Wednesday or Thursday. Assuming Mighty Servant 1 can manage a similarly impressive average speed on the last leg of its journey, the trip from Panama City to Los Angeles could take less than ten days, culminating in an arrival within the first several days of July.

That would leave SpaceX several weeks to check out the drone ship after its long journey and prepare it for its first West Coast booster recovery. No activity here at Pier T as of yesterday, but ohhhhh there will be. For several months, SpaceX has been angling to return its quiet West Coast launch facilities to flight with a string of dedicated polar Starlink launches — the first of which could happen as early as July.

Recently, Tesla China posted stellar September delivery s, reporting it delivered around 56, units The vessel is now set to transit the Panama Canal on a journey to California. Richard Angle. SpaceX drone ship he to the Bahamas for its ride to California. The Boring Company expands its reach with wider freight tunnels. Recent Most Popular News Tesla China posts astounding September s with 56k vehicle deliveries Recently, Tesla China posted stellar September delivery s, reporting it delivered around 56, units News Tesla app hints at Dashcam live-streaming features, upgraded Boombox Tesla seems set to release some key updates to its mobile app.

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