Help a lonely man

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Apply market research to generate audience insights. Measure content performance. Develop and improve products. List of Partners vendors. Virtually everyone experiences loneliness from time to time. The feeling can be especially noticeable around the holidays, Valentine's Day , and times of extreme stress.

Other than being emotionally painful, loneliness can impact people in many ways:. Below are nine strategies for how to deal with being lonely. Check your local library or community college as well as city parks and recreation departments to see what's available.

ing a class or club can also provide a sense of belonging that comes with being part of a group. This can stimulate creativity, give you something to look forward to during the day, and help stave off loneliness. Volunteering for a cause you believe in can provide the same benefits as taking a class or ing a club: meeting others, being part of a group, and creating new experiences. It also brings the benefits of altruism and can help you find more meaning in your life.

In addition to decreasing loneliness, this can bring greater happiness and life satisfaction. Additionally, working with those who have less than you can help you feel a deeper sense of gratitude for what you have in your own life. Because loneliness is a somewhat widespread issue, there are many people online who are looking for people to connect with. Find people with similar interests by ing Facebook or Meetup groups focused on your passions. Check to see if any apps you use, like fitness or workout apps, have a social element or discussion board to .

A word of caution: Social media can actually increase feelings of loneliness and cause FOMO, or "fear of missing out" so be sure to check in with yourself if you're starting to feel this way. You probably already have people in your life that you could get to know better or connections with family that could be deepened.

If so, why not call friends more often, go out with them more, and find other ways to enjoy your existing relationships and strengthen bonds? If you're struggling to find the motivation to reach out to your loved ones, it might be helpful to start slowly. Come up with just one supportive friend or family member who you could imagine reaching out to.

It's also reassuring to know that strong social support is beneficial for your mental health. Pets, especially dogs and cats, offer so many benefits, and preventing loneliness is one of them. Rescuing a pet combines the benefits of altruism and companionship, and fights loneliness in several ways.

It can connect you with other people—walking a dog opens you up to a community of other dog-walkers, and a cute dog on a leash tends to be a people magnet. Additionally, pets provide unconditional love, which can be a great salve for loneliness. An easy way to find connections in everyday life is by interacting in small ways with acquaintances or strangers you encounter.

In fact, research shows that doing so contributes to our social and emotional well-being. So next time you grab a cup of coffee or see your neighbor on a walk, strike up a conversation. You might just find you feel happier afterward. Do you have a smartphone that you frequently check while out and about? Think about putting it away a bit more. Whether you're looking up directions or checking the news while waiting in line, research suggests that technology can get in the way of social opportunities.

When you're feeling lonely, be sure you're doing what you can to take care of yourself in other ways. Self-care is always a good idea, but especially when you are feeling down. Eating nutritious food, exercising, and getting enough sleep will only make you feel better in the long run. Bonus: Take a workout class or a running club for exercise and social interaction. Distract yourself from those feelings of loneliness and make a date with yourself.

Do you have a hobby you've always wanted to take up or a home improvement project that's been lingering on your to-do list? Take some time to invest in yourself and your interests and keep your mind occupied in the process. Research suggests that loneliness and symptoms of depression can perpetuate each other, meaning the more lonely you are, the more depressed you feel, and vice versa. If this is the case for you, it may be a good idea to seek psychotherapy to help with feelings of loneliness, especially if you also feel other symptoms of depression. Some forms of therapy, especially cognitive behavioral therapy CBT , can help you to change your thoughts as well as your actions to help you not only experience less loneliness but have more tools to prevent it.

Whatever you do to combat loneliness, know that you are truly not alone , and there are many things you can do to feel more connected. For more mental health resources, see our National Helpline Database. Struggling with stress? Our guide offers expert advice on how to better manage stress levels. Loneliness and the workplace. January The association between loneliness and depressive symptoms among adults aged 50 years and older: A year population-based cohort study. Lancet Psychiatry. The experience of loneliness among young people with depression: A qualitative meta-synthesis of the literature.

BMC Psychiatry. Stress, ageing and their influence on functional, cellular and molecular aspects of the immune system. Age Dordr. Relationship between loneliness, psychiatric disorders and physical health? A review on the psychological aspects of loneliness. J Clin Diagn Res. Intrapersonal and interpersonal processes of social exclusion. Front Neurosci. Social interactions and well-being: The surprising power of weak ties. Pers Soc Psychol Bull. Digitally connected, socially disconnected: The effects of relying on technology rather than other people.

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Help a lonely man

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Why Men Feel Lonely And How To Fix It