Glenolden, Pennsylvania, PA, 19036

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Glenolden is located in the lower Delaware River region, which was initially explored by the Dutch in the early 17th Century. The Lenni Lenape tribe of Native Americans inhabited the area then. In , Swedish merchants sailed up the river to the present-day site of Wilmington , Delaware , and in established the first settlement of "New Sweden" on Tinicum Island. Swedish merchants officially claimed the Delaware River for the Swedish Crown. However, the Dutch, who had reestablished their presence in the area, eventually overran New Sweden.

The Dutch controlled the region until when the English who also claimed the area, defeated them. The original land grants given by Penn were subdivided and sold to individual farmers. John Knowles' family would eventually acquire much of the property in present-day Glenolden, owning most of the Borough by the s. The large Knowles estate was divided throughout the years for inheritance or sold off as smaller farms. Development also included mills along the creeks in the late s, including the Glenolden Mill. With industrialization occurring in the late s, conditions of city living were worsening while new perspectives on rural living became widespread.

In , the first rail lines by the Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Railway Company PWB traversed the Borough, effectively opening the heretofore distant suburbs of Philadelphia. The Glenolden Land Association, one of the first land speculators in Glenolden, began developing portions of the area in the s.

In , a Philadelphia realtor began developing what is known as Glenolden Manor in the southwestern portion of the Borough. Henry J. Scott purchased a portion of the Knowles Estate in and laid out Scott and Llanwellyn Avenues and called the development "Llanwellyn. A second period of rapid growth in the Borough was due to the industrial and commercial development in Delaware County.

Mulford Company, a major company in the production of smallpox and diphtheria toxins and serums, moved into Glenolden in , purchasing a former estate and the lands of the Glenolden Mills. A portion of the Moore estate was sold to a greenhouse operation, the Robert Craig Company, in Population increase led to the creation of additional subdivisions on former farms, including Glenolden Terrace in the s, and areas that were plotted earlier had homes constructed on them in the s through the s.

Glenolden, Pennsylvania, PA, 19036

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Glenolden, Pennsylvania