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Looking feminine is the goal of every girl. For woman of any age, being feminine is synonymous to being attractive. Some women are naturally blessed with feminine curves , while others might be less endowed. Regardless your body traits, there is something every girl can do to look more feminine and feel more like a woman. Proper fit is essential to looking feminine. Avoid clothing that is loosely fitted, because most of those clothes are shapeless and do not highlight your figure. Most clothes require some tailoring to achieve a perfect fit, invest in necessary alterations.

Different fabrics provide different style aesthetics. A sure fire way to look feminine is by selecting garments made of fabrics that are feminine on their own. Fabrics such as lace, silk, chiffon, etc. Looking feminine does not mean you should be wearing skin tight clothing either. Some might think bodycon dresses highlight your curves, therefore they must be the most feminine clothes to wear.

However, you must strike a balance and do not go overboard. Being feminine means you look classy and appropriate for the occasion. Wearing bodycon dresses might be okay if you are in your 20s or going clubbing, but they might look too much for any other age group. Shoes can make or break an outfit, they can also help you look more feminine. The easiest way to achieve a feminine look is to wear heels.

Traditionally, women would only wear heels with dresses or skirts, but you can totally wear high heels with jeans or pants, to make the otherwise casual outfit look more polished and dressed up. Typically, the more slender the heels are, the more feminine they look. Therefore, stiletto is generally a good choice to make your outfit look womanly. Kitten heel is another great choice that achieves a balance between sexy and comfortable.

Shoe styles like pumps and strappy sandals are generally flattering to any woman who want to look feminine. You can focus on flat shoes that offer a feminine feel to them. Go with flats with pointed toe flats or strappy flat sandals, which are the feminine classics.

Anytime you want to ensure you look feminine in an outfit, opt for a dress or skirt. Just about any silhouette will look feminine, as long it flatters your body shape and fits properly. Another element that completely shifts the overall look: jewelry. Those small, dainty pieces bring forth a feminine feel to just about any outfit. Even if you wear something simple like a t-shirt and jeans, styling a couple of delicate layering necklaces shifts the feminine touch. Details, in any style aesthetic, play an important role.

Look for traditionally feminine details in clothes and accessories. Think bows, ruffles, pearls and lace just to name a few. Even wearing these details in small doses can transform your look to feeling more feminine. If you want to look feminine, then a red lipstick is a must. Even if you are wearing the most plain clothes in the most basic color, once you put on red lipstick, you will immediately look much more feminine.

That is the magic of red lips on a woman. If you only have 5 minutes in the morning and there is only one make up you can do, then make sure you put on red lipstick. Carry it with you at all time because you never know who you will run into. Stick with a minimal, natural makeup approach to bring out your natural features. If your lip is already enough pop of color, then go more natural with your eye shadow. This is a common mistake that I see so many women make. They leave the door with perfect makeup, but after lunch they look totally different.

By the time they finish work and come home, they no longer look like the same polished woman this morning. It is natural that throughout the day our make up will change, as we sweat. That is why it is important to always bring a mirror, touch up powder and lipstick in your bag so that you can fix them up. It is also important to make sure you reapply lipstick after your lunch, or even dinner if you are out with an important client.

The seemingly small things can totally make or break your image of being feminine. Neutrals are classics, but to add more of a feminine flair to your style you will want to begin incorporating more color. Pink and red are synonymous with feminine style, however plenty of other colors can do so. Jewel tones and pastels are gorgeous, feminine options.

A very common mistake I see many women make is that they invest everything in outfits but do not pay enough attention to their underwear. The thing about underwear is that they may not necessarily be seen by anyone but you, however, they are very important to make you feel like a woman.

When you are wearing old and dated underwear from 5 years ago, they become just a basic item in your drawer and they do not add any value to make you feel good about yourself. When you invest in new lingerie with feminine details such as lace or silk, they instantly bring joy to you and you will feel more womanly in any outfit you wear. Of all the silhouettes of dresses or skirts, the mermaid shape is the most feminine.

This shape accentuates your waist and brings attention to your breasts. Nothing is more womanly than the mermaid silhouette. Whether you are choosing a dress or a skirt, consider the mermaid shape because this is the ultra feminine shape. To look more feminine you will want to complete your entire look by styling your hair.

Hairstyles like big loose curls or waves with hair worn down or a simple ponytail and headband are perfect. Clothes that have a tomboy aesthetic are pieces to stay away from when you want to look feminine. One example is the boyfriend jeans, which is one of the trends in recent years. Because they are loosely fitted and they are usually worn with sneakers and T-shirts for a casual outfit, they are not the best choice if you want to look feminine.

Pantsuit is one of the ature looks that downplays gender appeal. When women wear pantsuits, they emphasize the authoritative image instead of feminine image. If your goal is to add a feminine touch to a professional outfit, then go with a skirt suit instead of pantsuit. If you have to wear pantsuit, then try a different color than black, grey or navy.

If your profession allows, wear a more feminine color such as ivory, cream or beige. If your profession requires wearing the most traditional pantsuit, then consider wear a pair of bold color heels to look more feminine. The finishing touch to any feminine look is most certainly perfume. Spritz your favorite scent onto the insides of your wrists, nape of the neck, etc. The neutral gender trend has been in the fashion spotlight in recent years. Some gender neutral staples are the oversized coats, loose fitted blazers , and loafers.

As you can tell from the name of the trend, these clothes are deed so that either women or men can wear them. So, they are the exact opposite of feminine style. If you are interested in looking attractive and womanly, then this trend is not your best friend. There are some smaller things that many women forget to pay attention to, because they focus too much on the clothes and shoes. Even though their outfit and make up are perfect, ignoring these details will leave the impression that is the opposite to being feminine.

Some examples are keeping shoes dust free, making sure no wrinkles on the shirt and no yellow stein on white tops. The last one is not exactly about what you should wear to look feminine, but it is about having a feminine attitude. A feminine woman is someone who is caring and accommodating to others. Address. Table of Contents. Wear Feminine Fabrics Different fabrics provide different style aesthetics. Feauturing Isabella, instagram. Featuring Tammy, instagram. Featuring Maria, instagram. Adapt More Color Neutrals are classics, but to add more of a feminine flair to your style you will want to begin incorporating more color.

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Femmine cool looking for the same

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