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Forum Rules. Member . Remember Me? 1 to 12 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Jan 14, , PM 1. The Swing Clubs feel it's ok for the girls and even encourage but not for the guys. Where can a couple who is bi go and both have fun lol lol lol. Thank You. Reply With Quote. Jan 15, , PM 2. Jan 17, , AM 3. It's worse than just finding a single woman! As far as clubs and what not They hold events alll during the week and they will give you directions to the private residence. Single women..

Let me know if you need any information on it. Jan 17, , AM 4. It was mostly dance floor with railings around the sides for your drinks and a couple water fountains. It had a small stage, a bar with seating behind it and a balcony above. It also had a small black light lit lounge in the basement. The decor was changed every few months by the local art school students. It was a really nice place and when you walked in and paid you admission you were handed a flyer that read: " If you are sexist, racist, xenophoblic, homophobic, weightist, ageist or any other bigotry go someplace else your business is not welcome here.

We need more places like that. Here in Roanoke Va. We have 2 gay bars and one is a dance club, and while straights do go there it really is not as open as ZOOTZ was. Its gone now unfortunately. Jan 17, , AM 5. Jan 18, , AM 6. Jan 18, , AM 7. Originally Posted by Driver 8. I often imagine that if I could start and run a bi-friendly club in a big city, I could live happily the rest of my life and never worry about lacking customers.

Mar 29, , AM 8. Apr 15, , AM 9. Apr 15, , PM Originally Posted by palmhbrcpl. Apr 16, , AM Originally Posted by holle I would rather regret what I had done, than regret something I wished I had done. Sadly we have not found one single bar in the Tampa Bay area that is friendly. Some of the problems with the former is if the bar is unreceptive to it, they can throw everyone out. Also since such an event would most likely have to take place in a bar where not everyone would be aware that there is a 'bi-friendly' get together going on, the bar would have to set something up with the host or hostess so that those in attendance for the get together could identify each other I.

The problem with the event taking place in someones home is who has the ability or desire to host such a gathering. Then the problem common to both venues is getting the word out. Sure you could get the word out to a fair of members from this site, but how about all those others who arent members of the site? The ones who are bi but are afraid to be known for it in the larger community.

Do you just put notices up all over the place I. Do you rely on word of mouth? I'm not saying that it couldn't happen, but the logistics make my head spin. It would require probably months of planning and marketing to pull off. Maybe I've got a new hobby to research now. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The time now is AM.

Bisexual clubs tampa

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