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Those browsing through pornography online believe that using incognito mode will keep their sexual escapades safe from prying eyes. Think twice as this is just proving to be wrong. If you are watching porn online, Google is now going to put its foot in the middle. Yes, Google knows that you are surfing for pornographic content online and will poke you if you are watching too much of it.

Most people browse adult content behind the doors. However, the fact now is that Google knows that you are using the incognito mode to surf porn and other such explicit material. The same can be seen on both desktop and mobile devices. Or is Google keeping a close watch? Probably not — Google might not be collecting data, but surely knows that incognito modes are usually used when someone watches porn. However, incognito modes could be used for various reasons —banking, shopping, payments, private s apart from porn and privacy.

Google seems to be targeting users who have too many incognito modes opened with a cheeky hidden message. So next time you see that smiley icon on the extreme right corner of your browser — you know what it means and what you should do. The safest method yet is to use a VPN that can keep you anonymous on the web. Do note that incognito mode browsing is not completely private. Click on Deccan Chronicle Technology and Science for the latest news and reviews. Follow us on Facebook , Twitter.

We have updated our Privacy and Cookie Policy. Google now k Technology , In Other News. Published Mar 31, , pm IST. Updated Jun 8, , pm IST. Google now knows if you are watching porn even if you are browsing incognito. Tags: google , incognito , browser , adult. Latest From Technology. Is it a plane? No, it's the first bisexual Superman. Alia Bhatt's ad sparks debate. Flaunting the innerwear on red carpets. Nitin Gadkari earns Rs 4 lakh royalty per month from YouTube. More From Other News Instagram to make s for users under 16 private by default.

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Adult searching sex ME

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