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Decker was initially sentenced back in January to a three-month jail sentence for sending a photo of his genitals to a year-old female, which triggered a year offender registration period. City of Warren Police reported in the affidavit of probable cause that Decker met with his probation officer on April 17, ing a consent for the officer to review his cell phone.

Decker advised that he did ask the two juveniles to beat up the victim while he met them at a mutual friends house. His attorney, Chief Public Defender John Parroccini, told the court he is currently serving a lengthy parole violation sentence stemming from these charges and told the court that Decker has some intellectual disabilities but acknowledges that what he did was wrong. District Attorney Rob Greene acknowledged that the sentence could go several directions and said he would not be opposed to Decker receiving a state prison sentence but also not opposed to a concurrent sentence or a probationary sentence.

Decker apologized to the Commonwealth, the victim, as well as the jail for some property he destroyed while incarcerated. He is work release and early re-entry eligible. A major fundraiser for the Warren Area Student Union is back on in after a one-year hiatus. A state-funded initiative to develop plans for the future of the area around the Allegheny Reservoir has moved into Are you a paying subscriber to the newspaper? Subscribe Today.

Adult looking sex Sugar Grove

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